Winchester 1886 

This rifle got a new barrel and wood. Case colored action, rust blued barrel and mag tube. charcoal blued screws and fire blued loading gate and extractor. 

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Winchester 1890

Restored with original color case hardening. Barrel address and all markings restored. New stock and forearm. Rust blued barrel and mag tube, and charcoal blued small parts. Back to its original glory. 

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1896 Winchester 1894.

Rifle was restored with charcoal blue, fire blue, and color case hardening. New stock, checkered to original and both stock and forearm finished. 

1918 Winchester 1894.
´╗┐Rifle was restored with Charcoal Blued action and parts. Rust blued barrel and mag tube, Fire blued loading gate and extractor. New wood finished with original Winchester red and oil finished

1927 Winchester 1890

Rifle was restored with Charcoal blued action and parts, rust blued barrel and mag tub. New stock, fit and finish. Forearm is original. 

1889 Winchester 1886 50EX

Rifle was restored with original Color case hardening, Rust blue and Charcoal blue. Stock and butt plated was replaced and original forearm was used. Wood was restored with original hand rubbed oil.

Winchester 94

Color cased action, rust blued barrel and parts. This was a custom job the customer wamted. 

Winchester 1892 Engraved

This rifle was built from the receiver only. Relined barrel with new roll stamping. New 3xxx wood, fit and finish. French gray receiver with fire blued screws and pins. Barrel and mag tube was rust blued.


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