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Hi, I'm John Carroll owner of Old South Restoration. Here at OSR I study each firearm I restore. I study the history and detail inspect examples for the correct polish directions, grit of polish, and the finish used. I keep a log of changes through the years and serial numbers as they change. Like in any business, my knowledge is only as good as my research. If you have more info on your firearm by all means let me know. 

I have a huge list of firearms I restore and have years of research on. The list includes 
Winchester: 1873,1876,1885,1886,1890,1892,1894,1895, 1906, 61, 62, 64, 65, Model 1912
Browning: A-5, 22 Auto, High-power
Colt: SAA, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1908
L.C. Smith
I do lots of others, too many to list all. Check out my Facebook page for lots of different pictures and firearms I've restored.

This business started off as a hobby that I enjoyed doing in my free time. After years of hobby, it became obvious that this was my calling. My crew and myself are all perfectionist so doing everything as it was done by the previous craftsman of the time is a must for us. All of our products are as close to original as we can possibly get in our day. Some chemicals aren't available to us anymore but we  can still achieve exact results as our previous craftsman. 
Our backlog stays around 8 to 12 months year round so that tells me we're doing our jobs correctly. Good work is hard to find these days so people are willing to wait for a quality job with the peace of mind their job will be as expected upon return. 

Thanks for considering me for your restoration.

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