Fine Firearm Restoration 

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Stuck choke removal, no choke is to stuck

Stuck Choke Removal

We have a stuck choke removal process that's like no other. Our process involves special clamping and internal supporting to keep from damaging the outside or inside of the barrel. On occasion there will be some very minor damage to camo finishes from the clamping or some very minor browning of the muzzle from a small amount of heat that's applied. This is on around 20% of the jobs.


After the choke is removed the internal threads are cleaned and chased to remove any rust buildup that's occurred. The choke is cleaned and returned UNHARMED for more use. 

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No choke is to stuck for use to remove. 

1913 Colt 1911

Colt 1909 D.A. 45.

Stuck shoke removal, no choke is to stuck
Winchester 1890 Restoration
Mauser 98 color case hardening

We specialize in period correct antique restorations. 


-Bone charcoal case coloring

-Original Charcoal bluing

-Fire bluing

-Rust bluing

-Roll stamps for barrel address and caliber marks or 1911 slide addresses

-Hand rubbed oil finish for stock and forearm

-Hand checkering